Does “Goupz.link” take responsibility for any group?

Note that if you join a group by using the “www.Groupz.Link” website, then this Groupz.Link will not be responsible for any group or losses.

Please note that this Groupz.link website is not affiliated with WhatsApp and Telegram, this is a public blog website.

Can anyone register this Groupz.Link website?

No anyone can register this website because there is no registration option on it, and any guest can come and post his group on this website without registration.

Can we remove your group from the website?

If someone files a complaint against your group or does not follow Groupz.Link policies, we will delete your group from the website.

Can we write some kind of topic article on in groupz.link website?

You can only share Telegram and WhatsApp group links or write about these groups on the Groupz.link website. And you can never write a topic or article without your group.

And if you have any query you can contact us on this email: Admin@Groupz.Link